Friday, March 27, 2015

Freedom Friday - How Should We Feed Our Children?

Earlier this week my daughter and I were having lunch at Corner Bakery.  As we ate our food a woman sat next to us with her baby. I would say he was a little under a year.   The table she decided to sit at was cluttered with plates, napkins, etc. from the people that sat there before her.  She asked the server to clean the table.  After clearing up the dishes and everything, he proceeded to use the cloth that we see most servers use.  You know,  it is that towel, that is clean, but yet it just seems dirty.

After the server cleaned up everything the woman and baby sat down.  The baby was in a high chair  When the food arrived she placed pieces of the food on the table and began cutting it up for the baby to eat.  I could not believe my eyes.  I thought to myself, 'That table is not really clean.'  She was eating from a plate, she has to know this is not okay.  I then whispered to my daughter, asking her if she saw this.  She said, "Yes.  She also bird feeding some of the food and placing it on the table."  I could not believe this woman.

Yes, she does have the freedom to do what she chooses, but I believe it is unsanitary to eat from a table in a public place.  Well I do not do it in my own home and we are constantly wiping down our tables. Who knows where the towel had been that was used to clean the table.  I know pre chewing or bird feeding  has been a controversial topic now I wonder do people think it is okay for children to eat pre chewed food from a table in a public place?

All in all the baby seemed healthy.

Happy Friday
Don't be afraid to be free!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Furniture Looks Like New After Using Leather Nova - Leather Nova Product Review

My furniture has not looked this good since I purchased it!   As my family did our Saturday cleaning this past weekend, my daughter cleaned all of the leather furniture with Leather Nova.

For a while, we have believed we were cleaning our furniture correctly when using other products. This past weekend we stood corrected.   My daughter had taken her time and followed the directions of these three products:
  • 1 Bottle of Leather Cleaner (Gently and safely cleans leather, vinyl & plastic surfaces. Prevents discoloration or dullness of leather. Dries quickly and prepares leather for conditioning by opening pores. Comes with a free microfiber towel.)
  • 1 Bottle of Leather Conditioner & Restorer (The ultimate leather protector. Rejuvenates and protects all types of leather. Comes with a mess-free applicator and provides instant results!)
  • 1 Bottle of 2-in-1 Leather Conditioner  Cleaner (Save time and effort by cleaning and conditioning your leather material all in one step! Cleans, conditions restores and protects all types of leather. Comes with a free applicator pad. Provides superior cleaning with instant restoration and protection. A fast-drying, non-greasy, environmentally-friendly formula.)
All of the products come with either a micro fiber towel or a foam free applicator.  Before I go any further my daughter is a young adult, so do not think I was allowing a child to use the product.  However, it is non toxic in which my daughter was more than willing to use, because she likes using products that are non toxic.  

After following the directions carefully within 1 to 1 1/2 hours I was more than impressed.  Our furniture was shining.  It did not look greasy.   It looked like new! 

The process did take a while, but having lots of leather furniture made the cleaning process longer.  It has been four days since the furniture was cleaned and it is still shining.    The process will be a little shorter the next time because she only has to use the Leather Conditioner & Restorer and Conditioner and Cleaner once a month.

We will be using the leather cleaner again this Saturday.  I think we have found the brand for us.  Leather Nova has definitely made a strong impression on us.  We love it!!!

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
Don't be afraid to be free!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Enter For a Chance to Win a $25 Pei Wei Gift Card in The New To Sushi Sweeps #NewToSushiSweeps #PeiWeiSweeps

Pei Wei released a new national survey this week detailing attitudes and behaviors toward sushi and sushi-eating – it found that nearly one third (32%) of Americans have never even tried the popular dish! Here are a few of the most interesting findings:

·       62% of people who haven’t tried sushi are willing to give it a shot
·       22% of those willing to try sushi took baby steps when they first sampled rolls
·       51% of those who have tried sushi say it was better than expected
·       Taste is the No. 1 reason Americans eat sushi today

·      Pei Wei is encouraging diners to share their first sushi experience on social media.
·       Sushi lovers and sushi newbies alike are invited to post a photo of themselves or a friend eating sushi for the first time with the hashtag #NewToSushiSweeps or #PeiWeiSweeps on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
·       By sharing their sushi experience, fans will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a $25 Pei Wei gift card.
·       Four winners will be randomly selected each week during the sweepstakes, which runs from March 19 through May 6, 2015.
·       Please visit for additional details and official rules.

Sushi Eating Tips for Beginners:
·       Don’t know how to use chopsticks? Sushi rolls are traditionally eaten as a finger food, so it’s perfectly acceptable to eat with your hands after they have been washed.
·       If you’re unsure about new textures, try a roll that packs a bold crunch, like new Pei Wei sushi Crunch Rolls topped with tempura flakes.
·       Dipping sauces and sides like wasabi, Sriracha aioli, citrus ponzu or soy sauce can enrich the roll’s flavors. For best results, dip the outer edge of the roll instead of the flat side.
·       If you’re intrigued with sushi but intimidated by eating raw fish, start with completely cooked rolls like Pei Wei’s Teriyaki Crunch Roll or Mango California Roll to get used to the size and flavor of each bite.
·       Three sides typically accompany sushi: soy sauce to enhance the flavor, wasabi to spice things up, and ginger to refresh your palate between bites.

·       Sushi pros typically eat a roll in one bite; however, you can take two bites if needed.

All of these tips are great.  When I began eating sushi years ago, I felt like a fish out of water.  I am sure I looked the part as well.  When I think back, I would dine at whatever Japanese restaurant and order everything else except sushi.  These are great tips.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for post.
Don't be afraid to be free!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mommy's Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief Review

 Mommy's Bliss

I thought I had gotten through the flu season without anyone having a tummy ache in my home. Well, I was wrong.  A couple of weeks ago my son and daughter had tummy ache's and I turned to Mommy's Bliss.

I know Mommy's Bliss is for children.  Well, my daughter is 20 and she had a stomach ache.  It was too late to go to the store and she did not want to drink ginger tea.  I told her all I had was Mommy's Bliss, but it was for children.  She did not care she just wanted some relief.  I gave her two single packets.  I thought that would do the trick.  She actually took one and went to bed.  The next day she felt better.  She says she believes with a combination of rest and Mommy's Bliss it may have helped.  Yes, she said it 'may' have helped.  From what I could tell it did help.

The following week my 9 year old son came into my room insisting I give him something for his tummy.  This kid never gets sick.  I gave him a packet of Mommy's Bliss.  It was easy for him to open.  I did not have to worry about measuring anything.  Actually he was on his own.  He opened the pack, poured and swallowed.  Like my daughter he went to sleep and woke up feeling fine.

Now, I can say I really think it works. I have not heard any complaints from either of them.  I know the product is made with children in mind, but clearly it works for adults as well.

I like that it is an all-natural, sugar-free and gluten-free liquid herbal supplement designed to provide fast acting stomach relief in minutes! It also works great for indigestion, motion sickness, gas, and bloating. The convenient single-serve packs make Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief great for moms on the go!  

Although my two children felt sick at night, but after this experience I will be packing Mommy's Bliss in my first aid kit in the car.

Disclosure: Product/compensation was received in exchange for review.
Don't be afraid to be free!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Freedom Friday - What if....

What I am about to share may seem ridiculous but, it had me thinking.  Recently my daughter and I have been talking about what that we continue to come back to is, what if the life we are living is not real.  What if we are really in a coma, living in a dream or something and think we are doing actual things like having conversations with people, going places, just living a full life and it is not real.  

This topic has come up several times, not because we have watched a movie.  We have seen movies like this.  I think there was a t.v show similar to this as well.  Either way this has been something we have discussed and we freak ourselves out.

I know it sounds crazy but, it is really something to think about.  Am I really writing this post?

Happy Friday!!!
Don't be afraid to be free!!!