Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Annie's Frozen Entree Review

I love Annie's products and was eager to try the New Annie's Frozen Entree.  Since it was family size I tried to get something the entire family would like.  We sampled Shells and White Cheddar with Chicken.

The portion size was small for an entree.  I decided to have salad with it.

The directions was very easy to follow.  I placed it in the oven, let it cook, stirred it a little and when it was done I removed it from the oven.

The sauce seemed a bit watery.  My daughter opted to not eat any.  I tried it and did not like the taste.  It was rather bland.  I could not get past the watery consistency.  I placed it back in the oven, but that did not help.  My son initially seemed to like it.  He does not like to express that he does not like things.  He ate it for dinner and then I asked him would he like to take some for lunch, he said yes.  He went to school the next and his pasta was warmed for him.  He did not eat it.  When I checked his lunch box and asked him, why he did not eat his pasta, he said, "I am sorry, I did not like it."  This child loves pasta.  It is a general consensus, my family did not like Annie's frozen entree.

Annie's products are considered to be healthy and we usually enjoy them.  I just think the frozen entree was not for us, but I am sure there are families out there that loved Annie's frozen entrees.

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Red Leaf White Matcha Review -Matcha Tea

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Like many people when I heard about White Matcha Tea (60g), I immediately thought of Green Tea.   Hey, the first Matcha I ever tried was green tea.  I soon discovered there is a difference between the two.

My family has made Matcha apart of our daily diet.  When my daughter and I tried Red Leaf, White Matcha we really liked it.  Well, my daughter kept saying, "I love White Matcha!"

White Matcha, does not taste as strong as Green Matcha.  It is is light and rather smooth, I should say it is not as gritty.  After drinking our Matcha we felt energized.  I say this because, we had to wake up really after a long day and night before.  White Matcha has a low caffeine content and we stay away from caffeine, so this small amount may have had something to do with our energy levels.  It was a welcomed surprise.

White Matcha is made in exactly the same way as regular Green Tea Matcha is made: stone ground to a fine powder. But Red Leaf has done it with White Tea.  For people who like Matcha Tea in its original form as a Green Tea, you know how flavorful and pure it is. Read Leaf wants to give that to all tea lovers. Whether you like Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea or any other kind of tea, they want you to experience the Matcha in different flavors. Stone grinding is a special process that does not take away from the flavor or take away any of the health benefits of original tea leaves. Basically with the stone grinding process, you are getting the highest quality tea in its purest form outside of just having straight from the tea tree. It is simple and straightforward, leaving tea leaves with tons of flavor and amazing healthful qualities. White Tea has some wonderful qualities to help maintain good health. In essence, White Matcha contains those same qualities with a purer taste. The health benefits of White Matcha include: high antioxidant count to kill free radicals in the blood stream, reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, decreases fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, helps maintain a beautiful complexion, has only one percent (1%) caffeine content of coffee.

The directions suggested to scoop ½ to 1 rounded teaspoons into a tea bowl or cup. Add 2 to 3 oz. of per-boiling water to the bowl (~180F / ~80C).  Boiling water may not be the most suitable for Matcha because it does not bring out the best flavor and the natural mild sweetness.

I have also tried it by adding it to my chamomile tea, oh my goodness it so tasty.  I guess it is okay to mix it up a little bit.  I am still getting matcha tea benefits.

The package is a bit small, but you are getting a quality product.  I say this because, I have had green matcha for the same price and have received a larger package.  I am not sure if white matcha is more expensive than green matcha.  Either way, I really like Red Leaf White Matcha.   Being an avid tea drinker, matcha tea is delicious.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wearever 10% Off coupon code - Wearever incontinence mattress pad protector review

I wanted to review Wearver incontinence mattress pad protector with wings, because I sometimes have young visitors over to my home and I want our beds to be protected.  I also want something light weight that works and does not embarrass them as well.  

A couple of weeks ago, my mattress pad was put to the test.  One of my little visitors had an accident. Initially I was concerned about my pillow top mattress, but when I pulled back my sheets and saw the mattress pad was in tact, I felt slightly relieved.  It had not moved and the pad was wet.  The relieve did not come until I removed the incontinence mattress pad and my mattress was dry.  Woot Woot!!! 

When I saw the pad on the Weaver website, I thought of elderly people, but a light bulb went off in my head and I immediately thought of the accidents young children have and I was hoping this pad would help me.  

The Mattress Pad with Wings surface is soft and comfortable while protecting from wetness. It is complete with large, fabric wings to help secure the pad in place. It is washable and reusable making it far more economical than disposable bed pads used for incontinence.  I washed my pad immediately and it did not shrink and remained very soft.  I will be able to reuse it many times.

The bed pad is 36 inches by 32 inches with three layers of protection. The 19 inch long wings attached to either side of the bed pad are long enough to tuck under one side of a bed or both (if twin or hospital type bed). The wings tuck under the mattress and prevent the pad from slipping or moving.

The top layer of the bed pad is made from an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend called IBEX. This top layer is quilted to a top quality, 8 ounce poly soaker which holds the moisture. The third, and bottom layer, is the moisture proof layer; it is made from a knitted, vinyl, barrier fabric. The bed pad is finished with double bound edges for a long life of many washings.

This amazing mattress pad will hold up to 60 ounces of liquid.

Wearever products have worked very well for me and my loved ones.  We have tried both the mattress pad and the diabetic socks.  I am confident that you will like their products as well.

I am also sharing a 10% off coupon code: 10OFF which is good for 10% off my readers’ orders.

You can also visit Wearever on:
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cow Wow Cereal Milk- Cow Wow Milk Review

Last month Cow Wow Cereal Milk came in handy for our family trip to Big Bear.  While staying in the cabin I wanted to pack convenient food items and Cow Wow was one of the best things I could have packed.

My son opted to drink it during our drive, when we arrived and when he was just busy do whatever it was he was doing.  We have not added to his cereal or any other foods, but I am sure he would like that way as well.

I am happy that he likes to drink milk that is so good for him.  I try to limit his sugar.  So, I  am very comfortable with him drinking Cow Wow.   I also like that it comes in variety of flavors.  My 19 year old daughter wanted to try the chocolate flavor, but she was too late, someone had already drank it.  See below....

When we returned home and I wanted to read more about Cow Wow, I was so excited when I saw the article where Jimmy Kimmel said, "Cow Wow tastes like heaven."  Okay...Jimmy Kimmel said it tastes like heaven, so it has to be good, right?  Well with my son and Jimmy Kimmel giving it thumbs up, I am confident I am giving my family something good.  Well here are the facts:

Sugar hides in almost every item of food or drink we consume. Many people don't realize that even things they assume are healthy, such as 100% juice, are actually loaded with sugar, some as much as 52g. Cow Wow has less grams of sugar than most 100% juice, is low-fat, kosher, gluten free, all-natural and organic is Cow Wow Cereal Milk. This healthier option for kids and adults tastes like the bottom of a bowl of cereal, but has half the grams of sugar than white grape juice and is lowering the sugar content even more. Cow Wow can be sipped individually or add a splash to foods such as pancakes, waffles or hot chocolate for an added treat. 

I am glad I was able to take Cow Wow Cereal Milk with us on our trip.  The milk boxes was very convenient and my son loved the drink.  

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Disneynature's Bears Premiers April 18, 2014, Earth Day

My family is still talking about Disneynature's Bears.  This movie was incredible.  I cannot tell you how many people I have told about this movie after seeing it.   We loved it!!!!

Having a son and a daughter of my own, it was interesting to see how Sky nurtured her two babies.  Yes, I am speaking of bears.  t was amazing to see that parenting for bears is not too different from that of a human.  From the moment the cubs were born we witnessed the unconditional love between a mother and her children.  As they embarked on their one year, true life, journey as winter came to end and the bears came out of hibernation into ice cold weather. We were drawn in by the playful tendencies and differences of male and female children, the struggles the family faced, the hard work they had to do on a daily basis and the protection they provided for one another.

By the time spring and summer arrived and we knew the family had to work hard to find food (salmon) we were routing them.  I only know this because, when the movie was over, my son and daughter expressed how they were so hopeful for the bears.

Although, this a G-rated film about bears, I was on the edge of my seat, smiling most of the time, teary eyed during other times and my heart was filled as well.

The Alaskan backdrop was amazing.  Being a nature person made this was a perfect film for me. This is definitely a film you do not want to miss.  Disney's Bears is a great movie for the entire family.  I found there is a little bear in all of us.   Happy Earth Day everyone.  Go see Disneynature's Bears!!!

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