Friday, October 24, 2014

Freedom Friday - Foul Fashions

Is wearing the same shoe in different colors fashionable?  My friend called me recently to tell me she attended a birthday party and everyone was supposed to wear black and white.

We have another friend that attended this birthday party as well.  She believes she is so fashionable but over the years we may beg to differ.  I was told she wore an outfit. I cannot remember what color or what she wore.  I am sure it was black or white.  The reason I forgot the description of the outfit is because, when my friend told me she had on one black and one white shoe, I could not hear anything else.  I began questioning if I heard correctly.

I was told this girl was prancing around the party like she looked amazing.  My friend said when she saw the mixed match shoes, she thought she was thinking, "What the hell???"  But, to her surprise she had said it aloud and the person sitting next to her said, "Excuse me."

I just love when someone does there own thing.  Our friend pranced around the party like her style was the best thing ever.  She may not have received many compliments, but she was confident and thought she looked amazing!!!  Maybe she is on to something.

Happy Friday!!!
Don't be afraid to be free!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Flex Belt Review - Electric Tummy Belt

I miss my old abs!   I have been using the Flex Belt to assist in my daily workouts to get my abs back to how they used to be.

I have been in denial that my body has changed.   Well, I have had a rude awakening and I am ready to get my body tight and right.

I have been using the Flex Belt for 6 weeks and am seeing some slight results.  I say slight results, because the device is not a miracle device.  It is toning, tightening and strengthening my abs along with a daily cardio workout and eating lean.  This is definitely not a quick fix.

When I received my Flex Belt, I was eager to use it.   I pulled it out of the boxy and realized, I have to read the instructions.  Reading is not bad, but I was ready to put it to use.  The instructions were easy, but of course I did have a couple of hiccups.  This happened because I was in such a hurry to use my new Flex Belt.   I needed to take my time and go over the contents etc.  No problem....

My box contained the following:

  •  A belt that has been ergonocmically designed.  That is designed for men and women.  The belt has a pocket for holding your unit while you are using it.
  • A unit that generates signals that are sent through the belt and pads to your muscles to make them contract.  
  • A unit connector that connects the unit to the toning belt.
  • A pack of three adhesive pads
  • The Flex Belt Battery Charger
  • An Instruction Manual
  • A quick start guide
The belt was a little big, but I was able to pull it far around to fit my size.   After I placed the pads on the belt and then strapped the belt on I was surprised.  The pads were a bit cold, but it is fine.  You will quickly warm up.  When placing the belt on make sure it is placed properly.  After watching the startup video I made sure I used the center pad as a guide as to were I was placing my belt. Both the videos on the site and the manual offer a lot of information.  I refer back to both of them.  Do not think you can just strap the belt on and voila 

The first time I used the Flex Belt, I set my unit low as the instruction manual suggested.  I immediately understood why because, the signals are were a little jolting.  By the the third day I increased the settings.  This is where I was a bit confused.   I did not know there were different programs until I watched the programs and tips video. I did see it in the manual, but for some reason I a light bulb went off when I saw the video.  I am sure I glanced over it during my excitement.  I am currently using the expert programs.  Let me just warn you, the intensity of these programs are powerful.  My kids got a kick out of watching my stomach contract.  

During the session I definitely feel the belt working my abs.  It gets to be a little intense, but nothing I cannot handle.   After completing a session I do not feel any pain or tightness. 

I use the Flex Belt while sitting down.  Cooking, cleaning or doing many other things around the house.  When I have it on the expert level it is a little hard to move around sometimes, it is best for me to sit down and let the belt work it's magic.  

I have not taken it will I am on the go, but it is nice to know that I have that option.  It comes with a a bag to keep the kit in.  

Overall I really like the Flex Belt.  But, this week, my belt seemed to be going a little softer and slower.  I remember reading in the manual that this will occur if the pads are worn out or if the battery is low.   I fully charged my battery and it seemed to help.  Then two days later, the battery read low.  I do not know if the pads have anything to do with the battery not staying charged.  I do believe it is time to get new pads, but I am not sure what is going on with the battery.  I question this because after charging the battery the first time it lasted at least 4 weeks before I had to recharge.  I am going to charge it again to see if it works this time.   Either way I am sure it is something that can be resolved.  The people at Flex Belt stand by their product and they offer a warranty.

I am addicted to using the Flex Belt.  I have to get new pads soon and figure out what is going on with my battery soon.  The Flex Belt as an added bonus to my daily workouts.  I have not eliminated crunches from my regimine.   I am finding I am getting good results by incorporating this into my workouts and not just relying on it alone.  

After 6 weeks, I am seeing some results.  I can see the formation of what I call a 2 pack.  I did not realize I had so much fat in my stomach.  Slowly but surely, I will have a 4 pack.    My abs are not where I want them to be, but I know that they will in due time.  I will continue to use the Flex Belt.  

Maybe one day when my abs are where I want them to be I will share before and after photos.  Just maybe!!!

Disclosure:  Product/Compensation was received in exchange for review.
Don't be afraid to be free!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cosmos Creations Groupon Deal is Back!!!

It's back!   Cosmos Creations Groupon Deal is back again.  This is a deal I know my daughter does not want to pass up, she loves Cosmos Creations.  I like this popped corn as well, but she relies on this snack while on the go.  Yeah,  I think she'd better place her order right now.  A 24 Pack of Cosmos can go a long way, especially for a college student.

24-Pack of Cosmos Creations GMO-Free Corn Snacks

  • Oven-baked corn snacks
  • Made with non-GMO corn
  • No husks or kernels
  • Gluten-free
  • Trans-fat free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Flavor options
    • Coconut crunch (1.7 oz packs)
    • Salted caramel (1.7 oz packs)
    • Sea salt & butter (1 oz packs)
    • Sea salt & vinegar (1 oz packs)
    • Aged cheddar & cracked pepper (1 oz packs)
    • Variety option includes five packs of each flavor, with the exception of coconut crunch (four packs

Disclosure:  Product/Compensation was received in exchange for post.
Don't be afraid to be free!!!