Friday, April 17, 2015

Freedom Friday - Babysitting Adventures - @chic_definition

My daughter Ari of Chic Definition also owns a baby sitting service and she always shares the funniest stories with me.

She watches this one three year old, girl that makes the funniest statements or  goes in a round about way to find out what she wants to know.  Not knowing that Ari knows what she is doing or asking.

As they sat talking yesterday this was their conversation.

Little girl:  Ari, let me see your diamond.  

Ari sat thinking, she knows I do not have a diamond.  She then proceeds to show her the Swarovski band she wears.

Ari:  See here's my diamond.

Little girl:  You don't have a diamond on there.

Ari:  Yeah, I know.

Little girl: Well...then Ari why aren't you married?

Ari:  Well... I am young and I have so much more time.

Little girl:  You don't look very young.

Ari:  Okay...

Ari does not look old, she looks like the typical college student.  I guess to a three year old, she is an old maid.

Minutes later the little girl sits looking around and this was the conversation.  Mind you they were the only two in the room.

Little girl:  Umm, who can spin this for me?  (Spin her dradle)

Ari:  Do you want me to spin it for you?  I can do it.

Then Ari proceeded to spin it and it fell after two seconds.  The little girl holds her mouth.

Little girl:  Oops, maybe because you are not Jewish.

Ari: Yeap, I think that's it.

This little girl has been so concerned that Ari is not Jewish, so she likes to point out that she is not Jewish.  It's not in a mean way, she just wants everyone to be Jewish.

Happy Friday!
Don't be afraid to be free!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Keeping My Home Clean with NatureZway Eco Friendly Products - NatureZway Review

My family is always cleaning and we have fallen in love with NatureZway eco friendly cleaning products.

For the past two weeks we have been using NatureZway Bamboo perforated towels, Bamboo sponge and Bamboo drying cloth.

The night before I used the Bamboo perforated towels, I had purchased regular paper towels and when I returned home I remembered I had my new Bamboo towels.  I then decided to put the Bamboo towels on the holder.  The next morning I noticed a couple of spots on my hard wood floor.  I usually steam mop my floor, but I was in a hurry.  I grabbed a Bamboo towel.  After  feeling the thickness, I watered it down with hot water.  I then sprayed cleaner on the spots and began to wipe them.  I was more than impressed.  The towel was durable!   I had never used a towel like this before.   Like many people I want to call this a paper towel.  After cleaning the spots, I cleaned more areas of the floor.  I was pleased with it's cleanliness.  As I stood there looking at the floor, I turned to the paper towel holder and took the Bamboo towels out and replaced them with the paper towels.  I had decided my family was only going to use these towels for cleaning.  This past Saturday, my son and I were doing our Saturday cleaning.  His job is to dust and clean the floor boards.  I gave him the Bamboo towels and after cleaning them we both agreed they looked great..  He usually cleans them with a paper towel or a cloth, but there is always residue left behind either from the cloth or paper towel.  There was none this time.

I have also been using the Bamboo Sponge.  I decided I was going to use one for the master bathroom tub, sink and counters.  I was concerned it would not thoroughly clean the tub.  It actually did. I did not have to scrub. I was pleased with this as well.  I liked it even more when I read that I could wash it.  Wow....this sponge works good and will save money.  A couple of days later, I asked my daughter if she had cleaned off the stove.  She said yes.  I told her I could see grease spots.  She began to complain about the sponge she used.  She said it left streaks and was not cleaning the surface.  I gave her the other Bamboo sponge that came in the pack and said we would use it for wiping down the kitchen.  Like me she loved the Bamboo sponge.  There were no streaks or food residue.

Lastly, I have been using the Bamboo Drying Cloth.  When it comes to drying dishes my family usually lets them air dry.  These dishes are usually pots and pans, because we use the dishwasher for everything else.  Like the Bamboo Sponge and Bamboo Perforated Towel the Bamboo Drying Cloth is good!  I used it more so to dry my hands while I was in the kitchen because, I wash  my hands a lot.  I have to admit I  liked it so much I tried to use it as a wash cloth for my dishes.  It worked well, but it stained easy.  I washed the cloth hoping to get the stains out.  They came out for the most part.  That is what I get for not using it correctly.  After washing and drying the cloth it did shrink, but that is fine.  It is still drying my hands and pots and pans.

I absolutely love these eco friendly products!!!  I am new to using Bamboo cleaning products, but am impressed with them.

NatureZway uses Bamboo because:

·         Bamboo is from the Grass family and easily renewable.
·         Fast Growing and matures in only 3 years.
·         Takes up less land space.
·         Uses less water than trees.
·         Requires Zero pesticides to grow.
·         Reduces soil erosion.

·         Reduces greenhouse gases and captures more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton.

If you are like me and love to clean, you will love NatureZway.  I am hooked on using Bamboo cleaning supplies.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Freedom Friday - Bad Hair Day

I know it took me a while to post but, this morning was hectic.  I was running late, had to take my son to Spring soccer camp and I had a hair appointment within a short time frame.

After I was dressed, I looked at my wet hair and threw a scarf on my head so it would not dampen my slouchy knit hat.  I asked my son did I look bad.  He did not reply instantly so I said, "I don't want to embarrass you."  He said, "I am not worried about you embarrassing me, but if that hat falls off of your head you are going to be embarrassed."  I could not say anything, but "Come on boy."

Needless to say, he made it to camp on time, my hat did not fall off and I made it to my hair appointment.  When I returned to pick up him up, I looked a lot better.  He was so into his day at camp he did not notice that my hair was done.

Happy Friday!!!
Don't be afraid to be free!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dial Miracle Oil Review - Clean Your Skin With New Dial Miracle Oil Soap

With all of the many things I do throughout the day, I would say I wash my hands at least 15- 20 times a day and using a good hand soap is important to me.

I have been using New Dial Miracle Oil Soap for the past couple of weeks.  The moment I used the soap, I felt the smooth texture of Marula Oil.  It does not have a strong oil feel or watered down.  It is kind of like silk.   It immediately softened my hands which kept them hydrated.

I have found that after washing my hands with this soap,  I do not have to use as much lotion.  The problem arises when I am away from home and wash my hands somewhere that does not have a hydrating soap.  That is when I can really feel the difference. My hands feel dry and I am piling on the lotion.

When using Dial Miracle Oil Soap I pump twice and it lathers up nicely allowing a sweet, soft scent that freshens my hands and the bathroom.

This soap works so well I can smell and feel it after my son has washed his hands.  The other night he came out of the bathroom and immediately came over to hug and kiss me.  He is usually good about washing his hands, but this time I was able to tell he had not.  As he touched me I said, "Go back and wash your hands." I did not smell the now familiar scent of Dial Miracle Oil Soap nor  did I feel the extra softness on his hands. He looked at me, turned around and washed his hands.  

Although I like the hydration and scent of this soap, I also like that it protects your skin from skin-damaging free radicals.

It is not often I find a soap that I really like.  New Dial Miracle Oil Soap is now one of my favorite soaps.  I say one of my favorites because, there are other Dial soaps I really like, but this one is at the top of my list.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Giveaway- Enter For a Chance to Win a $25 Wingstop Gift Card - Try Serrano Pepper Glaze #TangMeetsBang

On April 6th, the Wing Experts at Wingstop  announced they are now saucing and tossing a new, craveable wing flavor: Serrano Pepper Glaze. This Latin-inspired sauce features a kick of fresh citrus and a roasted serrano pepper heat that lingers. Its saucy tang meets a fiery bang for those wing fans seeking an adventurous flavor experience.

“Serrano Pepper Glaze is the newest addition to our sauce line up, bringing a slow roasted flavor that’s bold enough to feed the ‘crave’ at our restaurants across the country,” commented Charlie Morrison, CEO of Wingstop Restaurants, Inc. “It’s exactly the kind of daring flavor profile our loyal wing fans have come to expect from Wingstop.”

The new Serrano Pepper Glaze is available on classic and boneless wings, which are always cooked-to-order and sauced and tossed to perfection by the Wing Experts. The Wingstop menu also features 11 original flavors, including fan favorites Mango Habanero, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, and Original Hot. Sides are made fresh daily including hand-cut seasoned fries, made from #1 Idaho potatoes.

Wingstop fans can get in on the action by sharing their #TangMeetsBang experience on Twitter or Facebook. Order online now and get at it before Serrano Pepper Glaze is gone – this flavor will only be available until June.

My family has not tried the Serrano Pepper Glaze wings, but we will dine at Wingstop this weekend.  I have already been to the Wingstop site trying decide if we should have individual combos or a large one to share.  Yes, my family loves wings and I am suspecting we are going to love them even more after trying the Serrano Pepper Glaze.  

If you are a lover of wings or would just like to try the new Serrano Pepper Glaze Wings at Wingstop here is a chance to win a $25 Wingstop gift card.  Good luck!!!

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