Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies- "hair skin and nails vitamins review"

I have taken the challenge with Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies.  I am not sure if these gummies are working for me.

I definitely like the taste.  They taste like gummy candy.  I am not sure if they really work.  I am currently wearing a short hair style and I am in the process of growing my hair back.  My hair grows fairly quickly, so I am not sure how the gummies are helping my hair, but it is growing and is rather shiny. As for my skin, I use great skin care and I do not see any major changes, either negative or positive.  I guess if my skin has not changed for the worse,  it is a good thing.  Nature's Bounty may be working for my skin as well.  As for my nails,  as soon as I started taking the vitamins my nails became brittle and began to break.

I have been taking Nature's Bounty for a few weeks, which is a sufficient amount of time.  I continue to take the vitamins, because I know I am taking a vitamin and it is not harming me.  We all need vitamins and nutrients.

Nature's Bounty has:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants. 
I realize many products benefit different people in different ways.  Here is more product information and more information about the challenge.  You can also like Nature's Bounty on facebook.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Crio Bru Review- Brewed Cocoa

My daughter and I tried Crio Bru and loved it!  Let me begin by saying,  I had to wait until my daughter prepared it, because she is a coffee drinker and I am not.  Herbal tea is the only thing I prepare and brewing anything in a brewer is something I have never done.  

She brewed the Crio Bru, Cavalla in our new iCoffee steam brewer.   The brewed cocoa was so smooth.  I was hesitant and eager to try the 100% roasted and ground cocoa beans.  I was hesitant, because of the natural caffeine.  I waited until I felt like I could try without going through an emotional roller coaster.    I was eager to try it because all of the benefits:

  • Antioxidant Rich
  • Increase Energy (I dd have more energy)
  • Cholesterol free
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Reduces Hunger (I was not hungry after drinking)
  • Fat Free
The day I sampled my first cup I felt good.  I did not turn into  a crazy person after drinking it.  My daughter and I both agree that it tasted good.  We first tried it without anything.  Then we decided to add  a couple of drops of vanilla soy milk.  My daughter has tried it with a splash of creamer.  Either way you do not need to had too much of anything or anything at all.

I plan to drink more of Crio Bru, I am looking forward to the many benefits it offers.   I will be brewing cocoa.

Disclosure: Product/Compensation was received in exchange for review.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Paris Apartment Review - A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable

A Paris Apartment, by Michelle Gable, was what I needed while I had an unexpected stay in the hospital.  I never share my personal life on this level, but  I just have to share how this book took me to another place other than my hospital room.

 I was captivated by the characters, especially the main character, April Vogt, a continental furniture specialist, for Sotheby's, who has the opportunity to sort through an apartment with 70 years of untouched valuables.  April, who seems very put together, is actually finding the Paris apartment as an escape from the issues she has within her marriage.  She finds this refuge in the journals of Marthe de Florian.   I absolutely loved Marthe de Florian.  As I turned the pages, I wanted April to read more of the journals.  I was intrigued by her thoughts and surprised by many things documented in her journal.  The journals were a page turner within a great book.

Although, this book is fictional, the characters came to life.   I found myself sharing the life experiences that were shared in this book, with my young adult daughter.  Not all of them, just some of them.

 When  I was not reading it, I was wondering what was going on and  I would have to retrieve it and live vicariously through the story of love, heartache, friendship, wealth, old Paris, new Paris,  fine art and scandal. The story was very unpredictable.  I was taken in by life in Paris during the early 1900's and in present day.

This book was a great escape for me.  I absolutely enjoyed it!!!!  This was a great debut for Michelle Gable.  

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Soccer - Pistachios, the Ideal Snack!

Wonderful® Pistachios + queso fresco + sundried tomatoes + crackers (optional) & Wonderful Pistachios + chocolate covered raisins + halved strawberries 

Pistachios are one of my favorite nuts!!!  My family can eat through a huge bag very quickly.  We love Wonderful pistachio nuts.

I like them because they are delicious, versatile and healthy and offer the perfect way to keep our excitement up and our calories down.

As you know, getting together at a family member or friend’s home to watch a much anticipated soccer match is very common, but the host needs to be ready with innovative snacks to serve their guests – multiplied by 64 to cover all the scheduled matches of the summer. This is why former captain of the Mexican Women’s National team, Mónica González, is sharing seven snack pairing ideas with Wonderful® Pistachios that are easy to prepare and offer a tour of Latin flavors: pistachios + guava paste (ate de guayaba) + panela cheese; pistachios + jamón serrano + papaya; pistachios + chocolate covered raisins + strawberries, among others.
Known as the “Skinny Nut,” pistachios are one of the lowest calorie, lowest fat nuts and offer more nuts per serving compared to most other snack nuts. In fact, 30 pistachios are a delicious and satisfying snack with approximately 100 calories per serving.

Here are some more snack pairing ideas with Wonderful Pistachios. I’m sure you will enjoy these fresh ideas!

Wonderful Pistachios + guava paste (ate de guayaba) + panela cheese

Wonderful Pistachios + papaya + jamón serrano (or prosciutto)

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Macy's Spring Fashion Event With Lawrence Zarian @LawrenceZarian @Macy's

I am so ready for Spring!  After I and many customers watched the models in the red carpet runway show, hosted by fashion guru Lawrence Zarian, for a preview of the season's hottest trends, I was definitely ready to shop and pull out some of my Spring fashion.

Lawrence shared many spring options for women of different sizes for this Spring season.  It is time to pull out your floral dresses, totes, ankle straps, sandals(thongs, platform, gladiators,) white pants, cuffed shorts, clutch, tennis shoe and so many other items.

Lawrence mixed and matched the clothing wth great designers and brands like Calvin Klein, Coach, Vince Camuto, Michael Kors, Style & Company, Lauren, Steve Madden, Denim & Supply, Big Budda, Barr III Shelly London, Tahari, INC, Jessica Simpson, Nina, Maison Jules, Rampage, Free People, Lucky Brand, Hudson Jeans, Charter Club and Dolce Vita,

The fashion show was high energy with great music.  I was taken in by Lawrence's winning personality.  He clearly enjoys his craft/love for fashion.  As he shared the different styles the models seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.  This was not just a serious walk down the cat walk. It was fun and fashion.

We were there for a fashion, but Macy's knows how to put on event.  Each guest received a sample of  Real mascara by Benefit from Sephora (one of my favorites) and a mini herb garden from Macy's.  I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my other favorites was there....Nothing Bundt Cakes serving guest some of their famous bundt cakes.  I am so mad, I had to resist, but I watched everyone else eat lemon, red velvet, chocolate and other varieties of bundt cakes.

 Customers had the opportunity to meet Lawrence after the show and have him sign a copy of his new book, Lawrence Zarian's Ten Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe.

I am now Lawrence Zarian fan.  I loved the fashion ideas and tips.

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